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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Love With A Prostitute

Question: I am involved sexually and emotionally with a woman that I found out was a prostitute. She says she stopped everything after she loved me, but I feel bad to be with a prostitute. Is she saying the truth? And, why can't I leave her?

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Laura NP


Eleventh Hour LLC said...

Dear Luqman,
It sounds like you really love this woman. I do worry because it seems that she lied to you, or at the least, she didn't tell you what she has been doing. That is sort of like lying. First you should make sure your are healthy. If she had unprotected sex with multiple partners, you may be at risk for hepatitis, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases. Go and get tested. Second, you must ask yourself, is this a deal-breaker for you? What's more important to you, the fact that she lied or the fact that she was a prostitute? Are you worried she may lie about other things? It's not so much about her past life as a prostitute, it's more about trust. Can you trust her? I always believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Make it clear to her that the truth is important to you and to the relationship. Tell her you expect honesty. Maybe she has turned her life around and is no longer prostituting. Give her a chance to prove it to you, but proceed with caution.