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Friday, June 4, 2010

McDonald's Recalls Toxic Glasses and Disco is Dead

McDonald's is recalling 12 million drinking glasses. You know, the ones with Shrek characters on them. Who doesn't love Shrek! So there is some unacceptable level of cadmium in the paint. Right away, didn't you think...Oh must be from China! But guess what...made in the USA at ARC International in lovely New Jersey. They have a very chic website and they are French-owned. I tried to maneuver their website to figure out which plant made the Shrek glasses. They have plants in Mexico, France, USA, China...all over the place! But most reports say the glasses came from the New Jersey plant. It's kind of a shady story...I couldn't figure it out! Some "third-party independent lab" accredited by the Consumer Product Safety Commission discovered this cadmium issue. Ummm..but the glasses were already in compliance with state and fed regulatory rules. So who-what-where decided to do an "independent study?" Then there is something about an anonymous tip. Very suspect don't you think? So what the heck is going on? Maybe the Obama Food Czar is quietly undermining the fast food business to force us to get skinny! Or maybe Pixar is trying to put DreamWorks out of business. Think about it...DreamWorks makes the Shrek movies. Pixar makes the Walt Disney movies. David Geffen runs DreamWorks. Steve Jobs owns a boat load of Pixar stock. Geffen was the first record label to sign on Donna Summer in the disco era. Jobs is the apple God. The disco era was filled with hedonism and sexual promiscuity. The apple represents temptation and sin. So did Donna Summer bite a Big Mac...which is the modern day apple... and fall prey to the sin-filled disco era? Or did Adam and Eve really drink from a cadmium glass, get toxic, and make fig leaves for clothes?
Laura NP