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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meg Whitman Is In Love With Herself

Even though I'm way over in Connecticut, I can't help but follow the California Governor's race. I just can't get over how much money Meg Whitman is spending on her campaign! Don't get me wrong...I love capitalism, and she earned her billions doing a great job as CEO of eBay. But, how people use and spend their money  provides a direct view into their soul, into their core character. And Meg Whitman, spending about 150 million to buy herself the governorship...well, that's some serious narcissistic self-love! Seriously Meg, are you that into yourself? Do you really think you can make California a better place by being Governor? Meg, you could have used that campaign money to do all sorts of wonderful community improvements. You could have saved California just by investing that money in California, not in yourself!  If she becomes the governor, her whole term will be about making herself look good at everyone else's expense. She can't help it! It's a serious character flaw! Meg needs some psychoanalysis to really delve into the reasons she chose to spend her money in this slightly dirty manner. Not to mention how she refused to help her maid get legal citizenship after employing her for nine years! Hello, someone who works for you in your home, does a good job, becomes close with your family, then asks you for help...and you send her down the river? Meg has no morals! As a woman and as a fiscal conservative, it is hard for me to bash one of my own. But Meg Whitman is a toxic-out-for-herself-knock-down-anyone-in-her-way-self-indulgent-mean-spirited-selfish-heartless woman.  Don't vote for her all my California peeps! Because sometimes its not about loyalty to your party, it's about integrity, ethics, morals, and doing the right thing.