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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Background Check Your New Boyfriend

Question: I have been with the most amazing man for nearly a year now. Life is wonderful,our normal ups&downs. Here's the problem, my sis did a background check on him right when I met him. There was some things that came up, nothing like an arrest or legal. It was some outstanding credit matters,which was the wrong person and of course she thought it was him. Long story short is, she called me that night and blasted me while he was sitting beside me. He heard everything, and now it is eating at him! He refuses to meet my son, saying he can just imagine what my sis told him and the rest of my family. He has been totally upfront with me. What was found was past relationships where the exs did this to his credit. I have no reason to distrust him. Now it is eating at him because there is a party coming up, he wants to go stating maybe my sis will have my ex there or maybe someone else that she feels may be better for me! I love this man, what can I do to convince him of this, how can I make him see that he is the wonderful man that I love and not some low life, which is what she has made him seem like. Help please!!

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

What's Up With My Husband and Sister?

Question: I was supposed to go to a wine festival with my husband and sister which had been planned and they blew me off to watch a football game.  Am I right in being angry at them and thinking they were both selfish?

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juan Williams Should Have Followed The Don't Ask Don't Tell Rule!

Juan Williams was just fired from NPR for a statement he made on Fox News. I love Juan Williams, I watch him on Fox all the time! Anyway, Juan was telling Bill O'Reilly that when he gets on a plane, and he sees a person "openly wearing Muslim garb," he gets nervous. He said he gets nervous because, "they are identifying themselves first and foremost as a Muslim."  I get what he's saying...see if you can follow this:

It's really all about the Don't Ask Don't Tell rule. Say what??? Yes, it's true, if you announce your intentions or your preferences, people will judge you no matter what. So if you say to the Army recruiter, "I'm a girl and I like girls," well, what do you think is going to happen! People are going to gossip about you, and misjudge you...because most humans are flawed like that! So Juan is simply saying, if people are going to show me what should be a private thing, then they should expect said reactions. So simple! People should abide by the don't ask don't tell rule for all of their personal stuff!

The lesson here....keep your private information private. I don't want to know about your sexual preferences, I don't want to know about your religious beliefs, let's just get the task at hand done as a team. If our mission is a recon mission in Iraq, I want to know you "got my back," not that you're going to go home later and have sex or that your going to go to temple/church/mosque after our mission to pray. I don't care what you do in your private life, just stand beside me and be my teammate for whatever comes our way!

Monday, October 11, 2010

What Happened to "Do The Right Thing?"

I saw Arianna Huffington on the Huckabee show last night.  She so eloquently summed up exactly what's wrong in the world. From the BP spill to the Hungarian toxic sludge, it is about corporate accountability...really lack of accountability. Ms. Huffington said there is nothing wrong with the concept of capitalism, and capitalism works! What's wrong is that businesses and corporations have no morals. They are consumed with the quick profit and they are taking near-lethal short cuts to make the money. And then Ms. Huffington spoke about the government's role in all this. She said the government should be regulating and overseeing these businesses. The government should be the watchdog. And, in fact, the government has had major roles in many of these devastating-big-business-related-public disasters. But...the government wasn't doing what it was supposed to either, the government was not monitoring what was going on, the government wasn't protecting us.

And it's this simple...businesses and corporations - the men and women who run them, are immoral and unethical.  And the government - the president and the congress are immoral and unethical.

It's not the democrats or republicans who ruined us...it's our brother, our sister, our neighbor, our mother our father, each of us. We ruined ourselves by not doing the right thing, by not helping each other and by taking advantage of each other. By stealing and lying and hurting each other.

Thank you Ms. Huffington, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. My eyes are open!

I don't know why we are doing this to each other. Do you?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Obama College - Where everyone gets a C and that's ok!

How crazy is this!?! So Obama was talking about some "job training initiative" and "community college grad thing." Something about getting more kids to go to community colleges? And having big name companies join the community college band wagon to "increase the ability of U.S students to compete in a global workforce." What? Since when are community colleges playing ball in the Ivy League? What happened to:

Working-your-ass-off-in-high-school-get-straight-As-join-key club-honor club-spanish club-german club-yearbook crew-A/V club-marching band-play-a-different-sport-every-season-just-to-get-admitted-to-an-Ivy-League-School ambition?

That's how I was raised how about you? But now Obama wants to "dumbify" Americans. That's what it feels like. Why is he giving speeches about encouraging more students to go to community college? Seriously, he has some hidden motivation for this bone-headed move. I'm thinking he wants to squash the spirit of the American people by telling everyone...it's ok to be mediocre.  That's exactly what he wants, then everyone will be stupid enough to do whatever he says. It's true! Obama admits he is sick and tired of Fox news and Tea partiers because they are causing Americans to question his authority and policy. He wants everyone to shut up and sit down and do as he says.

Going to Community College is NOT going to prepare you for competition in the global workforce. Going to MIT will. Competition is good for you. So tell your kids to work hard and shoot for the stars! Don't give up, dream big, believe in yourself, and make a difference! Home-Grown American Passion, live it! And don't vote for Obama-like people ever again!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meg Whitman Is In Love With Herself

Even though I'm way over in Connecticut, I can't help but follow the California Governor's race. I just can't get over how much money Meg Whitman is spending on her campaign! Don't get me wrong...I love capitalism, and she earned her billions doing a great job as CEO of eBay. But, how people use and spend their money  provides a direct view into their soul, into their core character. And Meg Whitman, spending about 150 million to buy herself the governorship...well, that's some serious narcissistic self-love! Seriously Meg, are you that into yourself? Do you really think you can make California a better place by being Governor? Meg, you could have used that campaign money to do all sorts of wonderful community improvements. You could have saved California just by investing that money in California, not in yourself!  If she becomes the governor, her whole term will be about making herself look good at everyone else's expense. She can't help it! It's a serious character flaw! Meg needs some psychoanalysis to really delve into the reasons she chose to spend her money in this slightly dirty manner. Not to mention how she refused to help her maid get legal citizenship after employing her for nine years! Hello, someone who works for you in your home, does a good job, becomes close with your family, then asks you for help...and you send her down the river? Meg has no morals! As a woman and as a fiscal conservative, it is hard for me to bash one of my own. But Meg Whitman is a toxic-out-for-herself-knock-down-anyone-in-her-way-self-indulgent-mean-spirited-selfish-heartless woman.  Don't vote for her all my California peeps! Because sometimes its not about loyalty to your party, it's about integrity, ethics, morals, and doing the right thing.