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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juan Williams Should Have Followed The Don't Ask Don't Tell Rule!

Juan Williams was just fired from NPR for a statement he made on Fox News. I love Juan Williams, I watch him on Fox all the time! Anyway, Juan was telling Bill O'Reilly that when he gets on a plane, and he sees a person "openly wearing Muslim garb," he gets nervous. He said he gets nervous because, "they are identifying themselves first and foremost as a Muslim."  I get what he's saying...see if you can follow this:

It's really all about the Don't Ask Don't Tell rule. Say what??? Yes, it's true, if you announce your intentions or your preferences, people will judge you no matter what. So if you say to the Army recruiter, "I'm a girl and I like girls," well, what do you think is going to happen! People are going to gossip about you, and misjudge you...because most humans are flawed like that! So Juan is simply saying, if people are going to show me what should be a private thing, then they should expect said reactions. So simple! People should abide by the don't ask don't tell rule for all of their personal stuff!

The lesson here....keep your private information private. I don't want to know about your sexual preferences, I don't want to know about your religious beliefs, let's just get the task at hand done as a team. If our mission is a recon mission in Iraq, I want to know you "got my back," not that you're going to go home later and have sex or that your going to go to temple/church/mosque after our mission to pray. I don't care what you do in your private life, just stand beside me and be my teammate for whatever comes our way!