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Monday, October 11, 2010

What Happened to "Do The Right Thing?"

I saw Arianna Huffington on the Huckabee show last night.  She so eloquently summed up exactly what's wrong in the world. From the BP spill to the Hungarian toxic sludge, it is about corporate accountability...really lack of accountability. Ms. Huffington said there is nothing wrong with the concept of capitalism, and capitalism works! What's wrong is that businesses and corporations have no morals. They are consumed with the quick profit and they are taking near-lethal short cuts to make the money. And then Ms. Huffington spoke about the government's role in all this. She said the government should be regulating and overseeing these businesses. The government should be the watchdog. And, in fact, the government has had major roles in many of these devastating-big-business-related-public disasters. But...the government wasn't doing what it was supposed to either, the government was not monitoring what was going on, the government wasn't protecting us.

And it's this simple...businesses and corporations - the men and women who run them, are immoral and unethical.  And the government - the president and the congress are immoral and unethical.

It's not the democrats or republicans who ruined us...it's our brother, our sister, our neighbor, our mother our father, each of us. We ruined ourselves by not doing the right thing, by not helping each other and by taking advantage of each other. By stealing and lying and hurting each other.

Thank you Ms. Huffington, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. My eyes are open!

I don't know why we are doing this to each other. Do you?


Nancy C. said...

"..A new dimension of thought"? Oh really? 'Fraid not, miss Laura. You're drinking the same Kool-Aid as all those you've ranted about in your blogs. I'd like to think you've posted what you have in a tongue-in-cheek fashion...as a sort of come-through-the-back-door way of making people really think for themselves. But I don't (think that). Acquire some critical thinking skill and lose your illusions. Capitalism is perhaps a great concept - so is socialism - in a perfect world. But humans by definition aren't perfect. Capitalism doesn't work - nor does government regulation, nor socialism - precisely BECAUSE people act unethically and irrationally AND almost always in their own interests. The only political "vote" that truly counts is MONEY...or maybe POWER; but aren't those two essentially interchangeable terms? And "... Everyone would be accepted for who they are..."? Everything idea in your blogs is based on YOUR VERY OWN lack of acceptance of something(s) or someone (plural). Just like Arianna, you find it easy to criticize so much that goes on in the world (she makes a handsome living doing so). But in my thinking, one doesn't get kudos for criticizing an already flawed concept or position because of their own unrealistic expectations; that's like wanting praise for calling a defective part "defective". As a fellow nurse and a woman looking for true intellectual challenge from other bright women, I gotta call you out on your lack of true insights. I'll bet you can do better than what I've read today!