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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Obama College - Where everyone gets a C and that's ok!

How crazy is this!?! So Obama was talking about some "job training initiative" and "community college grad thing." Something about getting more kids to go to community colleges? And having big name companies join the community college band wagon to "increase the ability of U.S students to compete in a global workforce." What? Since when are community colleges playing ball in the Ivy League? What happened to:

Working-your-ass-off-in-high-school-get-straight-As-join-key club-honor club-spanish club-german club-yearbook crew-A/V club-marching band-play-a-different-sport-every-season-just-to-get-admitted-to-an-Ivy-League-School ambition?

That's how I was raised how about you? But now Obama wants to "dumbify" Americans. That's what it feels like. Why is he giving speeches about encouraging more students to go to community college? Seriously, he has some hidden motivation for this bone-headed move. I'm thinking he wants to squash the spirit of the American people by telling everyone...it's ok to be mediocre.  That's exactly what he wants, then everyone will be stupid enough to do whatever he says. It's true! Obama admits he is sick and tired of Fox news and Tea partiers because they are causing Americans to question his authority and policy. He wants everyone to shut up and sit down and do as he says.

Going to Community College is NOT going to prepare you for competition in the global workforce. Going to MIT will. Competition is good for you. So tell your kids to work hard and shoot for the stars! Don't give up, dream big, believe in yourself, and make a difference! Home-Grown American Passion, live it! And don't vote for Obama-like people ever again!


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ivy league schools are bullshit. most people never make back the money they spend going there.