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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Santorum vs. Romney - The Hair Wars!

When it gets to the point when all you here is "blah blah blah" when you turn on the Republican debates, it's time to focus on other issues that seem more important than "blah!"  I took a look at Romney's and Santorum's websites. Romney has a little grey on the sides and it looks like he uses some gel to slick it all back. He looks kind of tan too. Santorum doesn't have any grey and it's a bit puffy on top. It seems "touchable"...like your fingers wouldn't get stuck if you ever got a chance to sweep your hand across his head.  Santorum doesn't look tan...probably because he doesn't get as many donations as Romney.

Romney has 1.4 million "likes" on his website! Santorum only has 154,393 "likes."  Romney has 7 topics with cute clip art that you can click on to learn about his platform. Santorum has a simple list of 32 points in his platform.

Santorum has a cute little picture of him with his family and a BIG RED DONATE button on the top right of the page.  Romney has a huge picture of himself at a microphone with the crowd in the background appearing like teeny tiny followers. The angle of the camera makes Romney look like a big-pompous-power-hungry-dictator-type. Oh...Romney has a BIG RED DONATE button too.  

Well I hope this information helps you to pick the right candidate! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Talking About Suicidal Thoughts

Question: When talking to a psychiatrist about suicidal thoughts under what conditions will they send you to treatment?

Answer:  This involves a very systematic process of evaluating your risk factors and your protective factors. It involves your history of self-harm, your history of thought processes, and your history of suicidal thoughts. It also involves talking with the people in your life and how they view your safety in the community.  It takes a skilled clinician to get you the right help. And, sometimes, this involves hospitalizing a person against their will. The relationship you have with your clinician is also a factor. Your clinician is there to help you. Being honest about your thoughts and plans is vital. If you are having thoughts of hurting yourself, please call 911 and tell someone right away so that you can get the appropriate help.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Too Much Adderall?

Question: What would the maximum dose for Adderall Extended Release be for an adult male? I am very concerned that my brother in law was given a RX for far more than he needed.

Answer:   Well, many prescriber's go above the FDA recommended dose of Adderall XR 20mg daily. The XR should only be taken once a day.  This is not a medication that adults should take long-term. In my practice, I avoid prescribing this medication. I just have not seen long-term success with it and too many people abuse the medication. I know this sounds quite negative, but it's my opinion, it's a dangerous medication if not prescribed and taken appropriately. Your brother-in-law should get a second opinion.