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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Do I Have ADHD?

Question: So I am always lashing out towards my siblings and parents over the smallest things. I get really emotional and my mood is always changing. But majority of the time I'm in a bitchy mood and my family considers me an angry person. I haven't gone through any traumatic events so what would cause me to be so moody and emotional? Also I'm never focused and I can never stay in one place, I think I have ADHD. How do I know for sure I have ADHD?

Answer:  So ADHD is the latest diagnosis everyone has been hearing about. The symptoms of ADHD include:
failure to give close attention to details, making careless mistakes in multiple activities.
Difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or at play.
Appears to not listen when spoken to.
Not following through on instructions, fails to finish tasks.
Difficulty organizing activities.
Avoids tasks that require concentration.
Often losses things necessary to complete activities.
Easily distracted by outside stimuli.
Often gets up and leaves the activity.
Can not engage in quiet activities.
Talks excessively.
Difficulty waiting their turn.
Interrupts others often.

But is sounds like you are bothered by your anger and mood swings. It may be that you have some depression.  Sounds like making an appointment with a psychiatric clinician is needed at this point. When those around you are telling you that your reactions are not ok and you yourself feel that you are not reacting appropriately, then it's time to see a specialist for therapy and possibly medications. It certainly is possible that you have ADHD.  You don't feel well. It's time to get a check up. If your arm was broken you would go get it fixed as it causes you pain. If your mind is broken you SHOULD go get it fixed as it causes you pain. Our mind needs resetting just like our broken bones.