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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Get Over Test Anxiety

Question: Hello, I have test anxiety really bad and these Science MCA's are approaching very soon. These are very important tests to me and I can't handle myself. I have asked if I could take the test in a room without other students. She said I could if I talked to a doctor about this. So, here I am; can anyone help me please?

Answer: You certainly can go see a psychiatric clinician to explain how you need a note to have special accommodations for the exams.  Or, you can march yourself right in front of a mirror and look yourself straight in the eye and tell yourself, "I know the material on this test, I am prepared and calm. I am successful."  Stop the negative thoughts. Your negative thoughts and worry are causing the physical anxiety you are feeling. And...your positive thoughts will cause the calm and success you crave right now. The power and the peace are within you.