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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bail Out My Student Loan!

The Huffington Post has an article full of pictures of college grads holding up signs that indicate their college debt. One was even over $100,000! And, I'm thinking most of those Occupy Wall Street peeps are these same debt-ridden-unemployed-college-grads-working-3-minimum-wage-jobs-and-living-with-their-parents-just-to-pay-their-loans-sad-disillusioned-young-Americans!

Well this looks like an easy fix. It's simple and it goes like this:

Dear Mr. President,

I can not be a productive member of society due to my extensive financial burdens related to my student loans. Since you opened your wallet for the big corporation boys and the blatantly blundering banks, will you please bail me out too? Remember me Mr. President? I'm the little guy down here in the park near Wall Street. I couldn't afford a train ticket to protest at your big white house, so me and my friends came down to this neighborhood on the subway. We should be in front of your house Mr. President, but we just can't afford the trip. So what do you say Mr. President? How about forgiving us our combined $1 trillion student loan debt so we can be free to pursue the same American dream the fat cat CEOs and the corrupt bank lenders have pursued since you saved their ass. Thank you for considering our plight Mr. President. We look forward to your answer.

The Occupy Wall Street Gang