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Monday, October 10, 2011

6 Crazy Dreams That Mean You Are Totally Normal

Did you wake up this morning wondering what the heck that crazy dream you had means?? Was it the nachos you ate at midnight or was it that damn tequila worm you swallowed?!?

Well, if it was one of the following kind of dreams....then you are perfectly normal...according to the dream experts anyway (www.dreammoods.com)!

1. Chase dreams. You are out of breath running through the woods being chased by a vampire!Or maybe that creeper from the office is chasing you. Whoever or whatever is chasing you...normal. Chase dreams usually mean you are avoiding an issue or situation. Makes sense right? Try and think about things in your life you are not dealing with. Once you can identify what you are avoiding, and make effort to face it, the chase dreams will stop. And...if you are the one doing the chasing in the dream...you are trying to catch up with others or you may be highly motivated to get something done, you have significant drive and ambition.

2. Test dreams. You fail that 3rd grade math test over and over every night! You wake up thinking you're a dumb ass! Well all it really means is you are experiencing some sort of anxiety. Perhaps you are overly worried about meeting others expectations. Or you feel you're not good enough and you worry about letting other people down. All normal. So try and think about what's going on in your waking life...do you want to make your Mama proud, or show your boss you're worthy of a raise?

3. Falling dreams. Off a cliff or down the stairs...you keep dreaming of falling. Normal! You are probably feeling insecure, overwhelmed and out of control. You feel a sense of failure in your waking life. Or...if you think Freud is a genius...then it means you are contemplating giving in to a sexual urge! Be careful!

4. Flying. Who doesn't want to fly? How cool is a flying dream!? And it means good things too. You are on top of things, you have a sense of power and you are a winner! But...if you feel afraid in the dream while you are flying, then you may be afraid of challenges and success.

5. Naked. You are on the bus all nude! Or walking on a crowded street...naked! All normal. It just means you are feeling vulnerable, or you are hiding something and people can see right through you. Maybe you are trying to be something you are not. I like this interpretation...you are proud and have a sense of unrestricted freedom! You look good in your birthday suit!

6. Teeth. Rotting and falling by the handful out of your mouth! How freaky! But normal. It's all about anxiety and fear of rejection. Some say a lack of power and being worried about your appearance.

Hope this puts your mind at ease. You are not crazy!  Flying naked through the sky while taking a test and then falling through the trees and losing your teeth all the while being chased by a flying monkey make you a completely normal person!