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Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Just Don't Know...Wait, Maybe I Do Know

So everyone has been asking me why I haven’t written about all this universal health care stuff. It’s that I just don’t know what they are talking about. Not one news outlet or congressperson has been able to succinctly say what the heck the health care bill offers. So what is everyone yelling and screaming about? That I do know! Everyone is yelling and screaming out of the fear of the unknown. Mass hysteria about a vague idea referred to as some type of federal health care. And there are some more things I know. I work in the trenches, I’m in the emergency room, taking care of the haves and have nots. There is absolutely no difference in care for the haves and have nots. Everyone waits, everyone is treated with respect, everyone’s complaints are answered, and everyone gets a bill, whether they have insurance or not, they all owe something. But for some reason, people don’t think they should have to pay for health care. I don’t get that. We agree to pay for groceries, houses, cars, clothes, plumbers, lawyers, electricians…why don’t people think they should have to pay their doctor bill? Another thing I know, I have excellent health and dental insurance, and every year I get a lovely raise, but that raise is erased by my rising premiums. It’s like I didn’t get a raise at all because my premium goes up a ridiculous amount every year. Oh, and despite my excellent coverage, I now have a $2000 dental bill because the dental work I needed wasn’t covered. Yes there are three zeros after that two. My excellent insurance coverage paid $97 of that $2000. I know you all have similar stories. And I know you are all saying WTF with me. But is the answer that the government should take it all over? I don’t think so. Everything President Obama is taking over feels like a punishment from a father. He is being an overbearing father, not letting us figure out our own way. Father Obama is too controlling. And parents who do everything for their children regret their children’s overwhelming dependency on them. Maybe all these worries about socialism really should be worries about an emerging patriarchy. A patriarch enforces his power and control by intimidation and discrediting efforts to organize and resist. Hmm… we see that happening now don’t we? We see it happening as the democrats and Obama try to discredit the protests at Town Hall meetings. Democratic Senator Tom Harkin, who was interrupted several times at a recent meeting by critics in the audience said, “There is a nationally coordinated effort” to disrupt the meetings. And remember in 2008, when Obama said, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” Classic patriarchal scare tactics! Capitalism will work it out if given the chance. There would be competition for our health care dollars. We could shop around for the best coverage, or tailor our coverage to what we want and need. Why can’t the insurance companies restructure and offer a bunch of different plans. Oh I know why…because Father Obama says, “don’t worry people, we will take care of it all, just relax, let Papa take care of you.” Well I don’t want him to take care of me. I want the choice to dump my wretched insurance coverage and buy a different plan. I want the choice to have insurance or not. And if I choose not to have insurance, then I accept the risk of a life-altering bill that may financially devastate me. But at least it was my own dumb choice! Here’s the catch…there must be plans that anyone can afford. Plans based on a sliding scale related to people’s income. That is the only small piece that needs regulation. To ensure that the 12 dollar an hour worker has the same choices that the 100 dollar an hour worker has. Capitalism works. Freedom of choice is America. Competition breeds excellence. So go to those town hall meetings...don't be scared...organize and resist...say NO to Daddy.


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