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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Does Your Doctor Have A DUI?

There's so much controversy out there about professionals sharing their personal stuff on social media. I'm in the "so what" category when it comes to this topic. Then I had a patient who had some issues with my slightly-tea-partyish-sort-of-republican posts. So for just a flash of a second I thought...maybe I shouldn't say what I think. Maybe I should be nothing, say nothing.


My ethics, education, life experience all have put me in a very special place. A place where I am confident and caring, empathic and understanding. I help people. Just because I don't agree with Obama's policies, doesn't mean I won't prescribe the right medication for you!

Your nurses and doctors are normal people with political and personal beliefs...just like you! Just as we see the politicians being scrutinized for their personal choices, so too should the nurses and doctors be raked over the coals. Enough of covering up for doctors with DUIs and other legal offenses. Somehow when you look up your doctor or nurse, their court records are all "closed files." That's not right! You should be able to see if your doctor got a DUI the night before your operation!

So health care providers should embrace social media. And... if you don't like what I have to say on my website....then pick another clinician!