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Monday, November 21, 2011

Advice for the Supreme Court Justices-American Style

Well we are finally getting to the end point....that place where Columbus thought he'd sail his boat right over the edge of the world! That's right...the supreme court will decide if Obamacare is constitutional. If it is ok for the government to force us to buy health insurance. We should be worried. Because if they all say yay....America is gone. Gone because we will have to rewrite our constitution. Gone because we will then be forced to buy all kinds of stuff we don't want. I don't want to pay to have a lawyer retained on my behalf!

What you say??

Well it's only a matter of time before the government says its your right to have a lawyer! Not just a public defender! Oh no...because the free health care clinics weren't good enough, so I'm sure the public defenders won't be good enough either. So get ready to pay a yearly retainer for a lawyer. Oh that's right! Probably around $10,000 a year I'd guess! Because, for some reason, the legal system has no regulation and lawyers are allowed to charge outrageous amounts of money for their bad advice! $500 to $700 or more dollars an hour! Ummm....reality check....no one is worth that! Oh...and how about we apply those health care privacy rules to the courts? Have you ever been to court?  You can hear everyone's business all up and down the hallways! How come we can't do that with healthcare information? Why is it ok for a lawyer to shout out that his client got an STD from that home-wrecker defendant! But not ok for a doctor to tell the partner they should go get tested??? Why isn't the legal system regulated like the healthcare system?  A surgeon may be worth $500 an hour....but certainly those two-bit greedy injury lawyers are not worth $500 an hour!

It's all so dumb. I have a bad attitude when I think about the fat cat government taking over half my money to do dumb things with it.  If the supreme court says the government can make us pay for healthcare....then they should make the government regulate lawyers too. It's only fair. It's the law world's turn to take the heat. Focus judges! Focus!