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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Like Your Bus Mr. President!

How about that bus the President is riding around in?  He's like a rock star in that stealth-looking-star-wars-meets-the-terminator-omnipotent-bus-of-political-righteousness! His message is to tell us all he will announce some big job creation dream in September.  He could have just sent us a message on twitter for crying out loud!

I'm so confused. He's touring the Midwest to announce that he's going to announce a plan.

"The bus tour, which included the states of Minnesota and Iowa that Obama won in 2008, has had a distinctive campaign appearance though the White House has described the three-day event as a listening tour" -Chicago Tribune.

Even the Chicago Tribune, President Obama's hometown rag, is having trouble explaining what this tour is all about! I think the President is having the stereo-typical-proverbial-mid-life-crisis. Yup...his wife wouldn't let him buy a Harley for his 50th birthday so he had to settle for this bus! And, in order to explain why he's riding around in this rock star bus pretending to be a cool guy...he decided to say he's on a "listening tour." Not very creative and not very convincing!

Do you think he has an xbox on that bus? I wonder what his xbox username is? Or a mini-bar his wife stuffed with carrot sticks and healthy snacks? I think he's on that bus right now dancing in his undies like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. It's ok...tinted windows prevent the public from seeing what's really going on.

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