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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bath Salts May Kill You

My job here is to give you the straight story. All my followers out there know I tell it like it is. And as I go to work in the Emergency Room day after day, I see you guys coming in completely freaked out on bath salts. Some of you come in DOA....that's DEAD ON ARRIVAL in case you didn't know.

You are snorting, smoking, injecting, eating these bath salts and you are getting suicidal, homicidal, psychotic. You are dangerous to yourself and all of us around you. You bite, kick, scream, punch, hit, spit at those of us trying to help you. You end up with five officers on top of you as we tie you to a bed with restraints so we can pump your veins full of medications and fluids in an attempt to save your life. You look near death as you scream about wanting to kill yourself, as you scream about seeing and hearing things that aren't there, as you beg us to help you. And we do help you. But please help too...DON'T USE BATH SALTS!

Some treaters may sit here and try to explain to you what exactly the chemical compounds are in these bath salts and how they affect your brain. How they are a stimulant sort of like meth and cocaine and ecstasy all rolled into one. How if you inject them with a dirty needle, you can also get hepatitis, HIV.   But none of that matters if you're dead....