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Monday, March 28, 2011

Donald Trump Just "Birthed" a Blunder!

I like Donald Trump. He's a super-smart business mogul! But lets face it, the dude's got some serious brass balls in his pockets to go down the road of Obama birth certificate shenanigans!  What is he thinking? He goes on The View and talks smack about Obama being born "elsewhere."  He gets interviewed for the papers and actually states that he does not believe anyone in Hawaii who says they remember Obama's birth!

Why is he doing this? Now I'm the first one in line to sign the impeachment papers and rescind the Nobel Peace Prize...but this "birther" thing has got to stop! The Donald actually sounds like a lunatic. He's all paranoid...thinking there's a conspiracy surrounding where Obama was born. Is Fox News paying him to do this???

If someone out there in blog land can please post some comments about their theories as to why Trump is losing his mind, I'd appreciate it!

Here are some important facts to assist you with your analysis:
1. The Donald wants to run for the presidency.
2. He has the celebrity edge going for him.
3. Celebrities are all non-tax-paying-crime-committing-never-going-to-jail-my-lawyer-will-get-me-out-of-it-liberals.
4. Donald is a stand-up-fiscal-conservative-married-a-few-times-womanizing-republican.
5. He's rich.
6. His hair is....odd.

I can't wait to hear your theories!