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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Union Smackdown!

The American motto "Greed is Good" is finally catching up with the unions. For decades we have kowtowed to the unions excessive demands and finally we are fighting back! We should all be mad...mad at how the unions played a HUGE role in the demise of America. That's right, the unions will now take their place in the history books as a key player in bankrupting each and every state that kissed those corrupt union booties!

Ok, quick little history lesson: unions were once good. It's true, The Boston Tea Party, unions improving worker's conditions, gaining legal protection for us peons from our exploiting employers, instituting industrial safety, regulating child labor. All good stuff! And we thank you! But somewhere along the good deeds route, the unions came upon a fork in the road and chose the greedy path of corruption.

And so here we are. Thank you Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin for saying we ain't gonna take it anymore! He is awaiting the passage of a bill that eliminates public employees collective bargaining rights. Yea Scott!

The unions are victims of their own success. Union-made products have become so expensive we all started buying foreign-made stuff. Union leaders kept demanding more and more with their irrational pensions, unsustainable health care benefits, and their outrageous wages...that we are now in major debt and buying Chinese cars!

The unions corrupt power must be dissolved! There are millions of people ready to take over their jobs! People who would be so happy to have a job! People who would be proud of the work they do no matter what it is! You all know what I'm saying here...we have all worked with union members who are so entitled they sit around and don't do their jobs! I'll say it...many, many union workers have taken advantage of their employers and have done a crap ass job but are allowed to keep their jobs because of the union! Disgusting!!

Union members who partake in that bullshit...you know who you are...and now you are outed!! You should be ashamed.

Standing ovation for Governor Scott Walker!


Anonymous said...

Well-said and said very well.

Power To The People!


Anonymous said...

Very good posting, Dr. Gieserman. I agree with all your comments. More power to Chinese marketplace, Chinese economy, and Chinese workers!

Thank you.