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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Common Sense List: What NOT To Buy Your Girl For V Day

Monday is Valentine's Day. The pressure to come up with an original-thoughtful-caring-gift-of-love gets more complicated every year! So stressful! Who can compete!?! Not to mention when a man is "blinded by love," his common sense blows out the window! So here is a friendly reminder of the top 3 things NOT to buy your girl for Vday!

1. A Teddy Bear: Just don't do it! That damn bear company sells bears in all kinds of outfits. Tutus, lingerie, combat gear, panties, mailman outfits, aprons, pjs, hats, leather, stilettos! And ladies, when you get the bear, please don't keep it on your bed! Creepy! Gentlemen, we don't want a stuffed animal wearing clothes, ok?

2. Pajamas:  No, no no. They keep advertising those pjs with the feet and the hoodie and the tag line is something about "just like the ones she had when she was little." Creepy again! If I want footie-hoodie pjs, I'll buy them myself and only wear them when I'm completely alone. I'm pretty sure Brad Pitt is NOT buying Angelina Jolie footie-hoodie pjs!

3. Vacuum cleaners/pots/pans/dusters/cooking ware: TThis category speaks for itself. Ladies, if you get anything in this category, please break up with your man. Seriously...it's a deal breaker.

Good Luck Guys!