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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Reading Wikileaks is like Reading Your Sister's Diary

Wikileaks is the National Enquirer Magazine of the Internet.  That's all it is. A rag, a tabloid, a gossip fest online. I thought we had enough gossip with tmz.com.

I love freedom of speech, don't get me wrong here. And, I love that wikileaks is allowed to exist....cause I love freedom and I love America. But that also means I get to tell you that wikileaks is dumb and unnecessary reading material. Yup, that's right, just don't read it! Do you really need to know what Hilary Clinton personally thinks about some foreign leader?

I haven't read wikileaks. I haven't read it because it would be like reading my sister's diary...I do NOT want to know what she does with her boyfriend ok!? And, I do NOT want to know what she really thinks of me...cause it might make me sad!

I read a good article in the December 13th edition of The New Yorker. Lizzie Widdicombe wrote an article about wikileaks and the concept of "frenemies." She wrote about diplomacy and the importance of talking behind people's backs. Because that "off-the-record" conversation you have with Josie at the water cooler about your boss gives you personal insight into how to better deal with and communicate with your boss or your frenemy.

Bottom line...life is sometimes about getting your needs met, or getting America's needs met. And if Hilary Clinton needs to have off-the-record-back-room-talks about foreign leaders...then she should! And I don't need to know about it! Because those inside scoops help with her with decision-making.

Still don't get it??? Here is an example:

You go to lunch with Bob the mail-room guy. He happens to be the boss' nephew! Bob tells you the boss likes to have monthly reports written in a narrative summary instead of a list of stats. So what are you going to do with this info? Post it on facebook? NO silly, you are going to make your next monthly report into an awesome narrative summary and look like a star compared to your office mates!

Don't read wikileaks. We have lost the importance of secrets. Having secrets is often necessary. I kind of blame Obama...you knew this was coming right!  I blame him because he brought up the dumb concept of transparency! He preached that everyone should know everything! He's kicking himself in the ass for that right now. Mr. President...be careful what you wish for.