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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sometimes You Need A Lawyer

Question: I have a 15 year old son that has wanted to go  live with his grandparents and father. I agree that child support be stopped and he pay for all medical and dental and so on. I will still have full custody and child will come visit with me every other weekend. I want to be adults about this. Am I doing the right thing and how would I go get everything that child needs while living with them?

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Eleventh Hour LLC said...

Dear Kelly,
It sounds like you are doing your best to make everybody happy in this difficult family situation. But you must protect yourself first. Now that may sound selfish, but in the end it will be best for everyone involved. I suggest you don't move forward with this plan until you meet with a lawyer and this change runs its course through the court system. This way, if things breakdown between people, you will have a binding, legal, contract regarding the terms of this agreement. It sounds like you want to keep the peace and negotiate with everyone as if they are all rational adults. But the truth is, we all have moments when emotions and misperceptions take over and we can't or won't act appropriately. Please protect yourself from that and have a lawyer help you to do this the legal route. Good luck and let us know how things go.