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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hazardous Hookah

My little town just added a Hookah Lounge! Does everyone out there know what Hookah is? Hookah is a water pipe used for smoking tobacco. And, Hookah is a tobacco usually flavored with mint or fruit. Gross!! Don't think for one minute that smoking hookah is safer than smoking cigarettes. It isn't!  So what happens in these bars? You go in and buy some nasty-flavored tobacco and you "rent" a pipe, sit on a couch with your friends, and smoke. Disgusting! Smoking Hookah in a lounge for an hour is equal to smoking a whole pack of cigarettes. It's true!  The content and packaging of water pipe tobacco are not regulated by the food and drug administration. I'm here to tell you that Hookah is not cool and it is bad for your health. The Mayo Clinic identifies Hookah as having toxic compounds in it including tar, carbon monoxide, heavy metals, and cancer-causing chemicals. AND...those pipes that you "rent"...may not be cleaned appropriately and you can get a nasty infectious disease from the moron who used it before you...a big sore on your upper lip that's all puss-filled, oozing and crusty!  Is that what you want? Isn't it funny how all across America the restrictions on cigarette smoking are becoming stricter...like how you can't smoke in public buildings and how you have to be so many feet from doorways if you are smoking outside a building...but in total contrast to the cigarette rules, our government is allowing these Middle Eastern Hookah bars and lounges to set up shop in the USA without the same FDA regulations that cigarettes have? 

How about this Thesaurus entry:
Main Entry: horrible/horrendous/horrid/Hookah

Part of Speech: adjective

Definition: repulsive, very unpleasant

Synonyms: abhorrent, abominable, appalling, awful, beastly, cruel, detestable, disagreeable, disgusting, dreadful, eerie, execrable, fearful, frightful, ghastly, grim, grisly, gross*, gruesome, heinous, hideous, loathsome, lousy, lurid, mean, nasty, obnoxious, offensive, repellent, revolting, scandalous, scary, shameful, shocking, terrible, terrifying, ungodly, unholy, unkind.

Thanks to Thesaurus.com for the above! And remember...Don't smoke Hookah and don't spend your US dollars at a Hookah bar or lounge!


Anonymous said...

I agree with this! Hookah and all smoking should be against the law!!!!!