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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Negative Obsessional Thoughts

Question: I think about my father dying everyday even though he is alive. I've cried many nights in bed, in the shower, and whenever I am alone just at the mere thought of losing him. It's constant and every time I do I get choked up, extremely sad and start thinking if he dies, then I am going to have a break down. Why is it that I constantly think about my father dying? What is wrong with me?

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Laura NP


Eleventh Hour LLC said...

Dear Paris,
It sounds like this continuous thought about your father is really bothering you. First I must tell you, having negative thoughts such as yours, about your Dad dying, is normal. We all have thoughts the run through our mind that are weird or disturbing. Most of the time, we are able to analyze the thought and cast it out of our mind. But every now and then, a disturbing thought gets stuck in our mind and causes great distress and anxiety. It becomes intrusive, unwanted, and recurrent. So how do we get rid of it and move on? For some reason you may be experiencing anxiety or depression. It would be a good idea to get a physical exam and a psychiatric exam to determine if anything else is the root cause of this new anxiety for you. Sometimes medications or hormonal/chemical imbalances can cause these types of issues. If everything checks out ok, then you can consider trying medication plus CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). The combination of these two things have been found to be most effective. CBT therapy sessions are usually covered by insurance. If you don't want to try medication, then stick with the CBT. CBT helps you to rationally challenge the thought. It gives you coping tools to manage and understand what's going on. It helps you "wait it out" until the anxiety eventually fades away. It is a technique that you must engage in with a professional in psychiatry. You will need the professional support to guide you. Good luck and let us know how things go for you.