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Monday, July 12, 2010

Loving Only French Fries and Chicken Fingers is a Psychiatric Illness

"For reasons that aren't clear, almost all adult picky eaters like french fries and often chicken fingers, health experts say." How about that! I got that quote from an article on The Daily Mail. Sometimes the internet has some crazy information! So this article says that "US researchers are considering giving picky eaters an official classification for the first time." In other words...if you are a picky eater, you have a psychiatric problem! How about that! There are support groups for picky eaters too! Even Duke is spending gobs of money to research this "emerging psychiatric illness." Listen, for 99% of picky eaters, I would guess there is no issue with their conscientious eating patterns. Some people are just thoughtful about what they put in their bodies. That sounds smart to me! Just be careful what you read online. Bottom line, anything that bothers you excessively or interferes with your daily life is a problem that you should address with a professional. But...if you are simply a diligent, meticulous, particular, exacting eater, stay the course!
Laura NP