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Friday, May 28, 2010

Where to turn when you feel you can't trust anyone

Question: Why is this allowed to happen and what makes people do this to someone?
After spending 8 years with a man he suddenly comes home one day and begins to be extremely verbally abusive, progressing to physical abuse. Yelling calling names to the point of making you cry then he laughs and leaves. This continues for months and you find out he is going to your families homes without you after saying he wants nothing to do with them. All your friends are suddenly cold to you when you visit and they stop calling you. Finally after months of this happening and you become completely lost to the point of a breakdown your family are the only ones you can trust and they encourage you to leave. So you leave. Within a week of leaving you begin getting pulled over by the police all the time, to the point of harassment. This continues until you stop driving all together. During this time you have broken headlights, taillights, fog-lights and flat tires, all the sensors in your vehicle going bad one after another two or three times a week. You finally move from where you're living and move in with family. They then begin doing things to you like hiding your stuff, Yelling at you for everything you do. They Call rehabs and talk about you when you don't even drink. Not really knowing what they are saying about you, you are told to mind your own business. They begin Calling the police and making reports that you said you want to kill yourself when that is not true. They Hang strands of duck tape from the ceiling and when you come in the door they laugh giggle, you over hear things like "no not yet" Then one day you walk in the door and get tackled by one person and the other tries tying you up with the duct tape. You struggle and get away, run to your sisters house and then call the police. You are basically laughed at. So once again you move. Unknowingly you still trust these same people wondering why all this happening. You begin to wonder your own sanity. You think it has to be me. You move again and begin hanging out with the same people that your ex and family know. These new so called friends then begin calling the police making false reports and you are put in jail, get out and that same day you get arrested again. Still not having a clue what is happening, not understanding why this is happening. Feeling insane, You turn to alcohol and try to forget about it all. Every attempt you make to get away from those people are effortless. You are stalked, forced to do things you don't want to do, hit, kicked, pushed, get accused that because you are brushing your teeth your getting ready to go out and have sex, your door is kicked in, your apartment is robbed and your animal is tortured. again yelled at for everything you do. All police contact results in your being ticketed or arrested. When you try to file charges against the abusers you are told that the police didn't see them do it and nothing is ever done. You are however arrested for supposedly saying something to someone, making one phone call or for getting upset that the police wont do anything for you. People say little riddles to you out of the blue and will not explain themselves. Not of it makes any sense. Everyone denies everything they have done to you and said to you and you are blamed for it all. After years of this happening to you you become an emotional mental basket case. You feel helpless, sad, betrayed, angry, constant mood changes, anxiety, physically changed, lost. You are then forced into treatment and told your not allowed to drink. You only get told its over with learn to deal with it, drinking is not the answer. You get told that you can never get the person you were back and that you allowed those people to do all that to you. You are in constant turmoil daily, you ruminate about it all and try to figure out why this happened, what was the point. Scared when you even look at someone or hear a noise, constantly feel intimidated and controlled. My questions are why do people do this to someone, why are they allowed to do it. How is the person it happened to supposed to deal with it so that they can move on? What can they do to regain control, strength, self esteem.

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Laura NP


Eleventh Hour LLC said...

Dear Lori,
It sounds like there is total chaos in your life. Some of this disorganization may be from other people, but I think it is also within you. I urge you to go to the emergency room and have a full medical and psychiatric evaluation. It's hard to follow your thoughts as I read your question. Sometimes people's thoughts get mixed up, in other words, it's sometimes hard to see what is real and what is not real. I can understand that you feel people are out to get you. The only way to help you see what's real, is for you to go to an emergency room and tell your story to a psychiatric professional. Please go to the emergency room, tell your story, and trust the psychiatric professional, they will help you see what's real. Good luck, let us know how you are.