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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tar Balls, Space Balls, and other Mysteries

CNN is reporting that the tar balls found on the beaches in the Florida Keys are not from the BP under-water-oil-gusher! Funny...the article does not speculate about the origin of these tar balls. Should we worry? Were they planted there by another country trying to make us look bad? How the heck did they get there and why doesn't anyone seem to care! How is it possible they are not from that BP gusher? Well we spent gobs of money to have these tar balls flown in a fighter jet to New London Connecticut to be analyzed. And "the tar ball experts" said these tar balls are not a DNA match for the BP gulf gusher tar DNA. Ok...so tar doesn't have DNA but it sounded kind of cool right!?! So the origin of these Florida Keys tar balls remains a mystery. Maybe Glenn Beck will talk about these mysterious tar balls tonight on his show. I like Glenn Beck...maybe he will draw on his chalkboard and explain it all! I thought I should cruise the web in search of other mysterious balls that may help us to understand the tar balls...but all I found was stuff about a mysterious space ball. Maybe those tar ball experts in Connecticut work for BP? Should we call the Connecticut Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal to check these tar analyzers out? Wait...Richard Blumenthal is too busy sorting out his own biographical mystery...he can't help us now! See how everything in the news is connected into one super-sized story with multiple mini mysteries and a profusion of plots?!?
Laura NP