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Monday, May 24, 2010

Obama's Inaudible Oily Opinions

Ok, I'm so done waiting for Obama to make some sort of statement about the Oil Tragedy in the Gulf. There's some website called deepwater horizon response where you can get updates, but I want to hear from our President! What...is he too busy begging Reverend Wright for forgiveness after "throwing him under the bus?" Obama was the first to blab his opinion of the police who arrested his buddy Henry Gates Jr...remember...Obama said the police acted "stupidly!" So why doesn't he speak about this horrific disaster in our waters and wetlands? How many more oily birds and plants do you need to see brother? Obama, open your mouth and speak, take charge, get your fly fishing hoity-toity waders on...get your elbow-length gloves on...and get your typically-opinionated-now-for-some-unknown-reason-mute butt to the gulf and clean it up! Maybe all your czars can help too!
Laura NP