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Friday, May 7, 2010

Needing Help But Can't Pay

Question: I don't have health insurance and I know that I am depressed. I've been having panic attacks a lot. I have no appetite to eat. I feel like I can never make anyone happy. I'm always tired and I never want to do fun things with family. I feel that I am better off in a room by myself. I have no way of paying for a doctor or someone to help me. I know I need help. I'm always nervous when there is nothing to be nervous about. I don't know what to do.

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Laura NP


Eleventh Hour LLC said...

Dear Misty,
It sounds like you are really struggling with this by yourself. But you don't have to. In every state, there are state mental health services that are available for people who have limited finances. You can go to your official state website and search for department of mental health, or it may be listed under department of public health. Part of our tax dollars go to just these kind of services. You are entitled to help whether you can pay or not. As always, I recommend a full physical exam with lab work to rule out any medical conditions that may be causing your mood disorder. It sounds like you may have depression and anxiety. Please don't wait, call your state department of mental health and make an appointment. You can feel better. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.