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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lazy Overweight Cops Use Tasers

Did you see the video of that poor Phillies fan who got tasered? It was a harmless, foolish 17 year old kid. If you look at the video, the officer is clearly overweight and looks strained by all the exercise...which is a documented 30 second chase...and then he fires the taser! The Washington Post states that Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey felt the officer acted within department guidelines. Is his girth within department guidelines??? Now that may sound harsh, but the fact is, if you're fat and out of shape, you can't chase deviant 17 year olds around a field and expect to catch them! It's scientifically impossible! That officer only used the taser because he couldn't physically continue the pursuit. Well that's just not fair. Police officers should have annual agility and stamina tests...not just when they get the job. It is not ok to taser someone just because it's convenient...which is what this officer did. Bottom line...don't run onto a field after your Dad tells you it's not a good idea...and if you are an officer of the law...get your ass to the gym! Laura NP