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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fighting Over Hummus...so weird, right?

So Lebanon just claimed the Guinness Book of World Records for largest amount of Hummus ever made. Yup, 11.5 tons. Pretty impressive right? But it has another meaning to the people of the Middle East. CNN reports about this so-called Hummus War. According to CNN, it's sort of like the Greeks claiming "the rights" to feta cheese. Weird. So Lebanon and Israel have been fighting over "the rights" to hummus. It has something to do with the "designation of origin." So weird. It's a food. A very tasty food! Can't we just say it's a tasty Middle East Treat? Maybe that's offensive...because Israel says hummus is theirs...and Lebanon says hummus is theirs...so I might be offending both of them by generalizing hummus into one category...Middle East. So the lesson is...if you are taking the SATs...or trying out for Jeopardy...and there is a multiple choice question about the "designation of origin of hummus"...and the choices are:
A. Lebanon
B. Israel
C. Middle East
D. None of the above

Pick D. none of the above...at least for now, until Israel makes a 12 ton vat of hummus to claim the title. Laura NP