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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why is Congress' Hand in My Chip Bag?

Who doesn't love potato chips? Or pickles? Or bread? So tasty good right? Well it all may change because Congress wants the FDA to set limits for levels of salt in our food! How about working on homelessness, or maybe fixing the economy first!?! Do not mess with American snacks! And do not tell me what to eat! So Congress spent your hard-earned money on a study done by the Institute of Medicine. Yup, a study to tell us what we already know...salt is not good for you in large amounts! We know! That's why you can go down the chip aisle and pick regular or low salt chips. I thought we solved this a long time ago by offering the low salt version? Congress wants the FDA to implement a "gradual reduction of salt in all foods over time" to ease us into it, so our mouths don't freak out from blandness! Really!?! Ridiculous! We know that too much salt can raise our blood pressure and lead to health and heart issues. But this is America people! And if I want to eat salty chips...well it's my right to eat them! But just think...maybe there will be a black market for salty chips...we can have an underground network of salty food pantries! Forget the drug dealers...now food dealers can sell a bag of salty chips for $20 in a back alley!! Obama and Pelosi...please leave us alone...you are ruining our lives with your petty control-freak legislation.


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