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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sleep Less Eat More-Research Rubbish About Fatness

So there's a new study out about overeating. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Online edition dated March 31, reports that a European study found that men who slept less ate more. Twenty-two percent more than when they slept eight hours. The research team thought it might be possible that people eat more after short sleep because mammals store up calories in summer because nights are shorter and there is more food. Hmmm...so is it ok to eat more in the summer, cause the days are longer? Remember when President Bush changed the daylight savings time? He told us not to turn the clocks back until the end of October....maybe it's President Bush's fault that we are fat? This means that no one should be gaining weight over the Christmas Holidays cause the days are shorter, right? So we shouldn't eat when it's dark out? Are you as confused about this study as I am? Maybe it's the simple fact that people don't eat when they are sleeping, so if you sleep longer, you eat less, cause, well...you're sleeping!?! Except for those sleep-eaters they feature on TLC reality TV! You know, where they put the camera in the fridge and they tape people sleep-eating!?! Maybe if those people stayed awake longer, they would be thinner? I don't know. Bottom line, don't eat a big mac in the dark, you'll get fat.


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