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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pirates Get Better Medical Care Than Americans

Yeah, there are still pirates trying to take over ships. But finally...we are shooting back! So the latest pirate documentary started with a little skiff filled with 6 pirates who thought they could shoot at the USS Ashland and take it over. So funny! Maybe they were delirious from heat stoke! Anyway, the USS Ashland fired back. And what do you think happened next? Of course the skiff sank and the pirates were swimming around. And then what happened? Would you have guessed that we rescued the pirates and gave them medical care aboard the USS Ashland? Oh yes! It's true! Unfortunately, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Pirate Health Insurance Policy does not cover medical care received aboard enemy ships. What a shame! I wonder if the pirates will receive medical bills? And if they don't pay, will their credit scores go down the tubes? Will they lose all their pirate booty to a collections agency? Somehow I don't think so. Somehow I think they got it all for free at the exact same time a desperate American received a $20000 bill from a hospital. Can you say injustice?


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