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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No Nukes is like No Underwear

Fox news reported that Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that the United States will pledge not to use nuclear weapons no matter what they use against us. What? Maybe I'm missing something...but doesn't that statement make you feel...nude, exposed, vulnerable, weak, without underwear? Going commando didn't work for Paris Hilton, it didn't work for Britney Spears, and it's not going to work for the USA. Gates went on to say, "If any country so bold as to launch such an attack on the United States would face the prospect of a devastating conventional military response." Ok, so what that means is, Obama is willing to shed American blood in a conventional war as opposed to dropping a bomb. Will this mean a draft? What do the veteran's think about this? Obama told the New York Times that he is trying to lead by example in efforts to reduce the proliferation of nuclear weapons and eventually make them obsolete. Good Luck Brother! Is he really that pompous and narcissistic to think that other countries will follow what he does? Obama's preoccupation with his fantasy of unlimited success and power, along with his grandiose sense of self-importance, is really starting to get on my nerves...how about you?


Frank said...

I firmly agree with you Laura. He is a megalomaniac who is bent on pushing forward his far-left progressive agenda no matter what the overall population wants. But to those 51% who voted for him, a man with no experience, hope you're happy with what you've given yourselves and America...

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