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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Janet Napolitano Remains Clueless

Well, the Arizona borders are being compared to a "western movie shoot-out." The people who actually live there say it's really really bad. So why doesn't Janet Napolitano believe them?? What's wrong with her?? At the very least, she should validate their feelings and acknowledge their suffering. But instead, she denies everything as if those people are liars! Sorry Janet, but you have very poor people skills! Arizona is requesting the National Guard to help at the border. Sounds good to me! That's exactly why we have a National Guard! So why the resistance from Washington?? Gabrielle Giffords is a democrat from down there and Ted Poe is a republican from down there and they both say it's bad and they need help securing the border! And you may be wondering about Harry Reid...well he seems a bit lost in space these days right!?! He's wandering around the floor of congress talking about "re-prioritizing climate change talks." Harry...Wake up brother! How is it that we have secured Iraqi borders better than our own borders? Harry and Janet need to take the first flight out of DC and get to the Arizona border, take some No-Doz, drink a Starbucks double espresso, and work with the border patrol all night.


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