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Friday, April 30, 2010

Free Will Debate Just An Exercise In Futility

I just finished reading an article on the Huffington Post by Amy Green entitled, Researchers Probe Whether, Why 'Free Will' Exists. She wrote about Florida State University getting a 4.4 million dollar grant from John Templeton Foundation to study free will. So Amy has a bunch of quotes in her article and all kinds of interesting tidbits about free will. It has some interesting thoughts about genetic and environmental factors possibly determining our decisions. At the end of the article she has a quote from Norman Geisler, a man who has written about 70 books on the topic of free will! He said, "The bible affirms that man is free, morally responsible, because if our actions are pre-determined then God is to blame for our choices." But not everyone believes in the bible. Hmmm...I understand he is an expert and I respect all his research. And Amy's article was good. But...trying to scientifically define free will is doomed to be futile. Why? Because the term free will is related to religions and people's personal beliefs in relation to their religious beliefs. So everyone has a different definition. And guess what? No religion is right or wrong...just different. So what people really should be spending 4.4 million dollars on is helping people and animals in dire need today, right now. And what we really need to study is patience. Because patience is "a state of endurance under difficult circumstances." And we must have patience in this challenging life until we die. Because only when we are dead, will we then know, or not know, which religion is right...or not.


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