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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't Snake Me Bro!

Here is a recap of the most relevant news story of the day. So two guys in South Carolina argued during the night about loud music. One dude tells the other dude to turn down the music. Happens all the time! But then the man who complained about the music being too loud seemed to still be angry. There is a standard operating procedure of what to do next...shall we say a set of "unwritten rules," kind of like the triple dog dare episode in A Christmas Story. You can't skip the double dog dare and challenge with the triple dog dare! So instead of calling the police for help, which would have been the obvious next step and equal to the double dog dare, this guy skips right to the triple dog dare and goes and gets his 4-foot python and confronts the loud-music man again and whacks him in the head with the snake! Really?!? Yes, really. It's a simple life lesson...don't skip the double dog dare, cause bad things will happen.


Anonymous said...

Nice ending! Witty and unexpected as always!!!

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