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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Airline Accountability...NOT!

Just when you thought maybe, just maybe someone was protecting your rights, along comes another law that puts money in the government's pocket at our expense. So get this...The Department of Transportation announced a new passenger protection rule. Yup, airlines will be fined if people are stuck on the tarmac for more than 3 hours. BUT...if the highly-trained-unionized air traffic controller thinks getting all those peeps off the plane would create a "major disruption in airport operations," well then they can override that silly little rule! AND...if the DOT decides to fine the airline...up to $27,500 per passenger...well now who do you think gets that money??? That's right, the government. The passenger who was inflicted with tarmac torture gets nothing. How is this kick-back-like deal not going to lead to corruption?? Bottom line...airlines can still hold you against your will for as many hours as they want. Is there no Constitutional Clout on a plane? So for your next flight, bring lots of snacks, wear a diaper, and pop some anti-anxiety medications, cause flying still beats driving across the country with a screaming toddler and your mother-in-law.


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