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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Throwing Tea Bags at a Party vs. Getting a Job

The tea pot is boiling over! People are gathered at poor Harry's house, and somewhere someone broke a window. Sarah Palin enticed the crowd to "reload." Well this is hard for me because I'm all for having a gun and I'm all for protests. But this tea party thing is...I don't know...maybe misguided? I like Sarah Palin too! But I'm thinking that so many people are showing up for the tea parties because they all got extensions on their unemployment and therefore have no incentive what-so-ever to find a job. It seems that too many people have too much time on their hands. Here's a helpful hint, if the government wants the tea parties to cease...then the government needs to stop giving handouts so that people will need to spend their free time job hunting and writing their resumes...not rioting in Harry's neighborhood. It's just like having an after-school-program for kids...when the kids are busy with sports and extracurricular activities, then they aren't smoking pot and doing crimes! See how easy this is! Stop extending unemployment benefits, and watch the tea party madness end. Change won't come from reloading and rock throwing...change will come when it's time to vote, that's when Americans can make a difference.


Frank said...

So true Laura!