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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Doctors Don't Get Paid Enough?


Well boo-hoo-hoo! Doctors are crying because nurse anesthetists now make more money than they do! And this CNN article states that without any primary care doctors, "who is going to triage?" I can answer this question! The Emergency rooms will! As an NP in an ER, I can tell you, when people can't get appointments with community doctors, they come straight to the ER for their care! So here we are, running around the same circle in this health care debate. Whose gonna do what? To all the MDs out there, join a union! You want better things for yourselves...unionize! I'm not kidding here. Historically speaking, when times got tough for the masses of worker bees, they rebelled, they collected, and one big voice was able to push back management. Sorry to disappoint all the MDs who thought they were above such blue collar shenanigans. Join the ranks, because guess what, doctors charging outrageous fees and engaging in fraud is what led the insurance companies to cap them. Who doesn't love that old-time saying...shoot yourself in the foot! That's what happened! So suck it up and unionize. Seriously...it's your only hope.