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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal

I think my boyfriend drinks too much. He drinks pretty much every day! When I bug him long enough, he'll stop drinking and then after a couple of days he complains that he's seeing things! He says he sees bugs and people that aren't there and then he says he needs to drink again to make the "visions" go away. Is he making that up just so he can drink again?


Eleventh Hour LLC said...

For someone who drinks every day, or drinks heavily several times a week, when they stop drinking, they can experience alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal is life-threatening and must be treated in a hospital setting. It is true, some people have hallucinations when they stop drinking. Some people have seizures, tremors, sweats, and some people become delirious and are at risk of getting hurt because they are not coherent. There are other medical complications that may occur when you stop drinking alcohol. If you or someone you know has a drinking problem and wants to quit drinking, they should report to an emergency room for medications and help. Alcohol withdrawal is a medical emergency.