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Monday, March 15, 2010

Another 30+ Years of Sex

Well this is some good news right!?! So healthy people in their 30s will have
another 30 years of mind-blowing bedroom antics! As I read the study, it got even better for us older folks...at age 55, we can expect 10-15 more years of sex. But then I read more and it said, "Men appear to have more sex for a greater part of their lives because women tend to live longer than men, thus outliving their marriages." Then it got worse...in the age group 75-85, "38.9% of men were sexually active versus 16.8% of women and 41.2% of men were interested in sex versus 11.4% of women." Kind of depressing for us ladies don't you think? Luckily, I can offer some research realities. Numbers can fit into any statistic you want. Your own perception is your reality. And I know there are plenty of 70-something hot mamas having sex and enjoying it! So forget the stats...let's create our own future!

Thanks to:

Tessler Lindau S, Gavrilova N "Sex, health, and years of sexually active life gained due to good health" BMJ 2010; DOI: 101136/bmj.c810.