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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Worrier or Warrior...chose to be one

April 11,2009

I like quotes, there are so many great quotes and I admit I’m jealous that none of them are mine! But quotes from great thinkers often represent very meaningful positions for us. It often happens that you read a quote and say, “Yes…that is exactly what I think!” So I guess you figured out that I’m about to throw a quote at you…well here it is:

If you believe that feeling bad or worrying long enough will change a past or future event, then you are residing on another planet with a different reality system.
- William James

Mr. James was a pragmatist and a medical doctor. A pragmatist has a practical approach to life; they like evidence and the scientific method, and they are most concerned with the success or failure of their actions. Definitely not cozy with dogma. Many people label President Obama as a pragmatist. I guess I can see why. He doesn’t like to make decisions until he hears all sides and thinks about what his next step should be. I like that….very unemotional…President Obama is a warrior, not a worrier.
So how about you? I often see patients who are stuck in that spin cycle, worried about what they said or did yesterday, worried about what to do tomorrow. I prescribe medicine but with cautious words, because medicine alone is not going to turn the machine off. So with the medicine comes talk. It’s called therapy in America, but to me it’s a philosophical journey with a patient. I walk with you through the original development of your core beliefs. Exploring how it is you became a worrier. And helping you move forward to be a warrior. You are not the unwilling victim of circumstances. Let’s think like President Obama. First, you must thoroughly understand how your mind and your body work together to produce worry. Go to your primary care nurse practitioner, doctor, or PA and get a physical exam and some basic lab work. Sometimes there are medical reasons for your current state of being. Then do some research and spend time meditating…thinking about how it is you believe what you do. Is it what your parents taught you, or your religion, or is it what your best friend believes? Then think about the person you want to be, the things you want to do…your dreams of what you want your mind and body to be. I know this is hard, but keep going, draw your rainbow with the pot of gold, not mere coin, but rather a pot filled with the characteristics of the person you want to be. Use visualizations and affirmations to change your self-image….so you are confident, not fearful. Here are some of my favorites: “I picture myself looking healthy and relaxed.” “I like being in control of my actions, I can choose to do whatever I like.” Then my favorite step…”fake it till you make it!” Act as if you already are what you want to be. Don’t you think President Obama engages in this? Of course he does, he can’t possibly know everything that’s happening in the world, but he sure looks like he does! When issues and events present to you, be pragmatic, be rational and positive, not emotional. So hard to do! It takes practice. And the most important step involves your spiritual self. Ask your unconscious to bring you together with your spiritual self. This is very personal and different for everyone. Maybe it’s a religion, or a creative power, or a God, or a universal consciousness, or enlightenment, or none of that. But you will recognize it when it comes. Finding joy, peace, and calm is a worthwhile struggle. Be a warrior.


Anonymous said...

be a warrior!